Moving on for good.

I've felt for a while it was time for me to lay this blog to rest. I've felt a real lack of energy surrounding my web presence, it was muddled and confused and non-coherent. I was trying to be a million different things, and it just wasn't working for me. Over time, I've grown less and less interested in sharing my life, and I've been feeling more and more of a compulsion to make things, in a way I haven't felt since I was at college studying art.

I've finally constructed an online presence I'm excited about, and I'm only trying to be what I already am. It's making me feel a bit vulnerable, sharing my work online, but I look forward to the growth this new space is presenting me with.

I hope you'll check out my new blog at blog.brittanyerinnelson.com.

There's probably going to be more changes coming both for the blog and my website in the near future, but I'm very excited about the direction they're headed.

It's been real.


Christmas didn't feel like Christmas, but it was better.

I was lucky enough to spend Christmas with my family (extended family even - all 31 of us!), and I was especially lucky that our chosen meeting spot was, in fact, the Caribbean. It was pretty magic, and we haven't all been together in forever. There's been marriages and births, and I think this was the first time some of my family members had met others. It was kind of totally fantastic.



Seattle was beautiful, and I can't wait to go back.



24 sounds so much older than 23. 24 is securely in the throes of adulthood, and it seems like I'd have some things figured out by now. But it seems like the older I get, the cloudier my future becomes. I'm drifting farther and farther from the things I wanted - both from the wanting and from the thing itself. And I'm starting to see new things that I want, new plans for the future - but I'm too afraid to say them aloud. Like they are so tiny and fragile and skittish if I said their names they would crack and hide away forever.

So I'm standing here, breathless, at this divide between the might-have-been and the could-be, trying to figure out which way to go, and if it really matters so much what I choose, but just that I choose something.


Eat your feelings.

I'm sick of talking about sad things for now. This move has been hard, but it would have been hard no matter what, wherever we would have gone. And some good has come from it: I've started cooking. In the past, we've rarely cooked a real meal other than on Sundays, but now that I'm not in school, I love spending my evenings in the kitchen, and I've found I really love feeding people. Here's some recipes we've been making a lot lately:

This Grilled Potato and Arugula Salad is delicious (for a salad). Via Love and Lemons.

This banana bread recipe is my favorite. It's no-nonsense and doesn't have any of that
ridiculous sugar crumble on the top. Via Full Circle Foodie.

I could eat these Quinoa-stuffed Acorn Squash Rings are every night. They taste like
Thanksgiving all wrapped into a cute little squash. Via Oh My Veggies.

And these are probably the best cookies I've had in a while. I use coco powder instead of espresso powder and they taste SO GOOD. (And now I brown the butter for nearly every batch of cookies I make. I'm a total convert.) 

So here's to eating your feelings,
but in the best possible way.


Cats on the internet.

The Eye of Sauron is watching you.


Family photos.

I shot this darling little family's photos last weekend, and - out of all the shots from the evening - I think this, taken while we were walking back to our cars, is my favorite. See a few more on my website.